About Us

Zen-tir is a Mexican company incorporated in 2009, which is interested in improving your physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our products help strengthen our immune system and to eliminate the imbalances that everyday life generates, such as: stress, insomnia, sadness, depression, lack of energy, migraines, flu, allergies, asthma, contractures, colitis, gastritis, hormonal problems and more .....


Nature gives us the fuel necessary to create our products. Our commitment is to light,  of health, of love, of friendship with the Planet. Our Mission: The Wellbeing of the Heart.


Through the millennial knowledge of aromatherapy we seek to fill you and your well-being. Our alternative medicine products with 100% natural essential oils, is designed to attract  Balance your life because we know that in this age there is never a little help.

Where we are going

Zen-tir offers a wonderful alternative to heal naturally, our goal is integral health.